Monday, 30 May 2011

lush locks- Honey and jojoba leave in conditioner

I have been trying out this leaving conditioner for about 2 months and i have to say i absolutely love it before when i use to visit the gym and go swimming i use to take this with me just to nourish my hair and it just amazing and such a great price to.

here the bottle this my third one so far and nearly half way through it contain honey and jojoba which is very nourishing for the hair and leaves it feeling it moisturised and refreshed as i have quite frizzy and dry hair. it is for dry and damaged hair so if your feeling a bit low on on the hair loving just sprits it through they also have a mask for the hair in the same range but il put that on another day and review it to as i also love that to all in all i love it because of the fact its so affordable then the regular leave in conditioner easy to use and smells divine :)

i have also mentioned it in my feb faces when i first started using it

how to apply;
after you get out the shower towel dry your hair and sprits through the end concentrating at the tips of the hair and where your feel it a bit dry :)

you can get it at boots for £1.32

Love luscious xxx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Where did you get that

lots of you been sending msgs of how i done this hijab style and it pretty simple just two scarves i layered together the under hat is from international and flower which i love is from H&M and headband lode and behold primark scarf is from primark as well so i thought i just share with you anyway todoloooo :) last post for todayy
so i think today just going to be chilled day of revising biology great got the exam tomorrow just thinking of doing some exams papers and looking over things hopefully it be oki inshallah im thinking of what i can post on my blog outfit of the days when i cant make a video reviews :) leave a request tel me what you think :) xxx

Welcommmee :)

Oo a Blog i was wondering what was one of these until i stumbled upon making one i thought let me give it a go so welcome to my blog i do not know what im going to post up on here but like to say welcome :) x