Thursday, 2 June 2011

Summery Outfit of the day-Tips

just posted an outfit of the day and listing the products on here

MAXI DRESS : brand called cushy

the outfit i wore today was just simple light dress because it was 25 degrees out in london woohoo bit of sunshine for us deprived brits lol didn't do much today just ran out to do some errands sort out the stuff with gym woohoo again going to join again stoped all because of exams anyway keep fit everyone hope you enjoyed :)
there is link below if you haven't watched it :)

Drive Baby :)

just had my driving lesson today didn't do alot just done reverse bay parking and reverse car park both were alright i havnt had lesson in like 3 months so considering i done my munovers it was fine i wanna book my theory soon just bit apprehensive as i have not revised but i have cd that hope to help me im going to try do my test soon inshallah but i have only had about 11 lessons so il see if i can to intensive lesson my driving instructor amazing and patient she only charged £15 considering for london prices she has amazing price but i think that her price for students :) anyway happy driving if you are taking lessons

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Nail of the day :)

so i done my nails and yes its bit messy :)
i just loveeeee this colour its called viva pink from avon :D

the bracelets i am modelling with is from primarkkk :