Saturday, 21 January 2012

Graze box

Salaams everyone
Sorry i have gone awol
However it is due to exams which will all be done soon inshallah

Anyway my blog post today is something i was very excited about


more importantly healthy free food

So i heard of this company from another youtuber and what they offer is a very easy concept of eating healthily and snacking on delicious healthy snacks and it is delivered right to your door stop again for free.

Its a range of snacks seeds dips dried fruit olives all lovely and neatly packaged again biodegradble packaging and honestly they are ao nice they sent emails when it was arriving gave me welcome booklet and overall i was very happy bunny

I received my first box free and so can you

im not payed or affliated with the company

and why im telling you is becuase the first box is free yes free so what you do is order the box if you like it you can keep on getting it and paying for it what i initially thought is il order one free box if i like it il have it and not cancel the subscription btw its not like you have to commit if you decide you don't like it all you have to do is switch it off.

Anyway the price of a box if you decide to carry on with the scheme is £3.49 which i think not to bad for healthy eating so here is what i recived in my first Box

i didn't like olives so i said to them on the website to bin that and i looooooooved the salsa dip most amazing thing ever Will be getting some more might do a video on it loved the concept.

Here some pictures of the box

Anyway if you do decide to get free box
Then just visit the website read about it at
and they gave me this coupon in order to get the first box free

Coupon code: YDMCB31