Sunday, 18 December 2011

Chai with brownies

I love to relax with a warm drink and some treats this time being brownies that my sister actually made a video on so check that out if you love chocolate

As i was studying my sister asked me if i wanted tea and of course immediately said yes she also accompanied it with some delicious warm luxurious brownies and it would of tasted like heaven with cold ice-cream none the less it was still delicious with the tea

When you study what do you do in your break?

Friday, 16 December 2011

Highlight of the week

Yess college is finito for the next two weeks no waking up at five am in the dark and the cold
And the weather really kicked in today started drizzling with snow i really dislike snow anyway enough rambling since it was the last day yesterday
Me and the girlfriends planned a day out before intense revision in order to relax and just have bit of fun we visited sahara grill and i had my usual quarter flamed chicken rustic chips and
Corslow yummy and then we had rest prayed salaah which i really like about the restaurant there is a place to pray and we head off to a dessert shop called cakes and shakes ordered
Waffle hot chocolate with ice
cream and my friends ordered fudge brownie cake with ice-cream

Anyway that was the highlight to my day what was yours?

Thursday, 15 December 2011


I love to get away and have a coffee in a quiet place and generally I love tea coffee you name it
I went to a cafe called smoothies and i love the food there i usually get a panini either tuna and cheese or today i got spicy prawns and a latte to go with that here a few pictures of the food

I usually go there with a friend and tend to do bit of revision or a catchup session and I love the atmosphere there

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Milkshake (NOTD)

Hello there Cupcake :)

I was talking to my friend and she pulled out this nailpolish and i had to stop her and ask her what beaaauutiful colour it was this beautiful skin coloured nailpolish bit mauve suits any skin tone.
 Heres a few more pictures of the colour its called fashion modelling as my grandmother would say LOL

 The shade is called milkshake and is from collection 2000 from superdrugs check it out if you love nude coloured nailpolishes honestly i love it i have to nip one for my self and it dries pretty fast to :)
seriously i have never loved a nude colour that much i wanted to eat her fingers ... weird.... anyway moving on swiftly i quickly borrowed it off her and put it on that same nice with fresh nails i filed them to a bit of a rounded softer shape because i normally have it squared shape but i find rounded looked a tad bit more feminine. so i will stop rambling and you can see the pictures

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Blush lush

Hey sweet cheeks,

so recently I have been loving a blusher from the brand Bourjois i love the blushers in their range there wearable colours and the one i have been using is in the colour Lilas D'or in 33

However the downside to it is the fact that it not as pigmented as I hoped for since they were priced at £7.99 which to be fair is hefty price for a blusher since you can get ranges such as MUA which only is a £1 for a blush none the less the colour is amazing and comparable to Nars blusher in the colour Orgasm

It has a pinky gold undertone and has quite a bit of shimmers however again they do not come as bright on your face and the blending power of this blusher is really good all in all for this blusher i will give it 6/10

Here some pictures && enjoy
Take care
Luscious xoxox

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bright Yeaux (eyes)

I have recently been loving these two combinations on the inner corner of my eyes just to brighten them up the eye shadow gives a bit of glamour and sparkle and i place the jumbo nyx underneath in milk as a base they both work amazing well

I stopped using black on my water line for about a year now and usually do not wear any eyeliner only on my eyes to do cat eyes honesty looks harsh on me And i like the subtleness of the white

The swatches are one of the eye shadows on its own which is called magic 2 and one with milk underneath and the collection 2000 eyeshadow on top

I hope you enjoyed that little blog

Take care :)

Blogger on the iphone

Salaams ladies just posted on twitter if there was a blogger app and load and behold there is
There App for everything alhdulilah one of the perks of having an iPhone as oppose to blackberry none the less l love them both hence why I'm still keeping my blackberry anyway
take care my loves