Sunday, 11 December 2011

Milkshake (NOTD)

Hello there Cupcake :)

I was talking to my friend and she pulled out this nailpolish and i had to stop her and ask her what beaaauutiful colour it was this beautiful skin coloured nailpolish bit mauve suits any skin tone.
 Heres a few more pictures of the colour its called fashion modelling as my grandmother would say LOL

 The shade is called milkshake and is from collection 2000 from superdrugs check it out if you love nude coloured nailpolishes honestly i love it i have to nip one for my self and it dries pretty fast to :)
seriously i have never loved a nude colour that much i wanted to eat her fingers ... weird.... anyway moving on swiftly i quickly borrowed it off her and put it on that same nice with fresh nails i filed them to a bit of a rounded softer shape because i normally have it squared shape but i find rounded looked a tad bit more feminine. so i will stop rambling and you can see the pictures

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  1. this looks absolutely gorgeous! just the colour i'm looking for :)