Friday, 16 December 2011

Highlight of the week

Yess college is finito for the next two weeks no waking up at five am in the dark and the cold
And the weather really kicked in today started drizzling with snow i really dislike snow anyway enough rambling since it was the last day yesterday
Me and the girlfriends planned a day out before intense revision in order to relax and just have bit of fun we visited sahara grill and i had my usual quarter flamed chicken rustic chips and
Corslow yummy and then we had rest prayed salaah which i really like about the restaurant there is a place to pray and we head off to a dessert shop called cakes and shakes ordered
Waffle hot chocolate with ice
cream and my friends ordered fudge brownie cake with ice-cream

Anyway that was the highlight to my day what was yours?

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