Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bright Yeaux (eyes)

I have recently been loving these two combinations on the inner corner of my eyes just to brighten them up the eye shadow gives a bit of glamour and sparkle and i place the jumbo nyx underneath in milk as a base they both work amazing well

I stopped using black on my water line for about a year now and usually do not wear any eyeliner only on my eyes to do cat eyes honesty looks harsh on me And i like the subtleness of the white

The swatches are one of the eye shadows on its own which is called magic 2 and one with milk underneath and the collection 2000 eyeshadow on top

I hope you enjoyed that little blog

Take care :)


  1. nice combo :) i'm loving Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow from the Naked palette for my inner corner. It does wonders :)
    Where did you purchase the NYX jumbo pencil? I've been meaning to buy one...

  2. Hey iraam aaah i have been loving our blog
    I recieved the nyx in a international swap on youtube with valleygurl check it out my youtube page you can see what we both got each other
    And i loopve the naked palate aswell what colouf do you use on the inner corners xxx

  3. awww thank you, your blog is really cool too :)
    i watched it, that was some pretty nice stuff, and you were really generous to her too! :D
    I usually use Sin and then I'll use Toasted on the entire lid. Such an eye opener :)