Friday, 2 September 2011

Nail Of the Day :)

My nail of the day was done on acrylic nails which i put on my self as i find them easier to take off and redo my nailpolish without the danger of getting under my nail bed,

because i hate when im praying salaah and i find a bit of nailpolish
on the nail bed :@ makes me so angry that i have to redo my my saalah so to avoid i just pop on some nails

anyway for the babble today one was a LOVLEY lilac colour which looks so lovely on tanned skin and had alort of compliments :)

its limited edition one but similar one that i love is berry by Barry m :)


  1. That colour is gorgeous, deffo suits tanned skin tones like you said, looks lush! How are Barry M nail polishes anyway as a whole? (consistency etc..) I've only tried there crackly stuff, not a solid colour yet.. & what is the company called of your acrylics? (: xo

  2. heloo i knoww barry m is really good on a whole love it and it was fake nails one of the shelf from boots xxx

  3. Omg didnt kniw u hv a blog! Okay im officially stalking you haha! Which fake nails brand u wearing? I heard there are some glue strips for the fake nails- no more glue and bubble trapped nails.

  4. loool @craftytassy honestly i love your comments and look forward to them i know vie seen them to there a life saver there called glue tab need me some of those and the brand is from boots its a plain one that you just stick on apparently you can find them cheaper on Ebay xxx